Solo Pool Drills During a “Lock Down”

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Whether is it a lock-down or a so-called lock-down there are some drills you can basically do in the pool as part of your exercise mix.

Flutter Kick (Streamline, Back, Side)

But look for keeping the feet moving throughout the lap. Try to recall how it feels to do the flutter kick and focus on pointing the toes to the back. This helps is creating muscle memory as well as creating a better form.

Flutter Kick Transitions

Transit from the 3 positions from the above exercise on every sixth kick. This enhances the form during transitions for breathing later on in your freestyle.

Fress Style with Pull Buoy

Now to the arm work; you can either carry this out in a semi-catch up style or a full catch up style free style stroke. The latter helps to force you to regain balance therefore it is better to use in a drill format.

Pull Buoy / Board Stretched Hold with Breast Stroke Kick

With the pull buoy or board held out stretched; dip your head facing down while doing the breast stroke kick. Remember on every leg scissors squeeze to glide a little while.

Breast Stroke Kick on Back

The final of the series of six is a Breast Stroke kick while on your back; also known as a life-saving back stroke.

Was the series too easy? If its too easy, repeat! Set 1 complete. Do it all over again and splash in some adjustments to make each drill a little harder. One trick is to count the strokes and target to reduce it for the same distance.

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