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Swimming is a lifeskill that everyone should have access to regardless of situation.
As an island nation with a high density of private and public pools knowledge of how to manage oneself in the water is vital.

- Freestyle | Breast Stroke | Backstroke | Butterfly -

- Freestyle | Breast Stroke | Backstroke | Butterfly -

- Development -
Guided Programs

A program is only as good as its implementation. At SgSwimCoach we have a complete program lined up and framed to meet age, maturity and skill state. We also have a common vision for our students; To Be A Safe and Competent Swimmer.

- Skilled -

We coach swimmers and on occasion instruct them on exercises to strengthen, to build and to set in muscle memory. We take the title of coach with utmost importance knowing that in facilitating a program goes beyond results.

- Awesome -
Coaching Methods

Even though all our coaches bring in an array of experiences to the pool; we all adopt a similar coaching framework. This embraces many important qualities such as safety, discipline, knowledge, skills, encouragement and a big splash of fun.

Digital Coach Bronze

In this day and age of mobile devices, you as the caretaker of your ward can be their personal swim guide. Follow our week-by-week program to develop the necessary skills to be a better and stronger swimmer through recorded videos.

Digital Coach Silver

In this program, your coach is accessible through pre-scheduled Zoom sessions giving you live corrections and tips for immediate feedback and corrections. Similar to the Bronze program you will have access to the same programs.

Digital Coach Gold

Being the premium version of the program you will now not only have live guidance for your swim development but especially programmed exercises developed specifically for the pool you are training in providing a new level of customisation.



Water Safety consists of two main components; Awareness & the Survival Skill set.

We incorporate these 2 components into our lessons especially for our young swimmers from the 1st lesson. This is important to us and our collective vision of bringing the education and practice of water safety to all ages. These will often be presented in the form of drills, games or activities within all our programs.

This will essentially develop all our young swimmers especially with the basic survival skills such as manoeuvring to safety, movement to safety and ability to seek assistance.

Solo Pool Drills During a “Lock Down”

Whether is it a lock-down or a so-called lock-down there are some drills you can basically do in the pool as part of your exercise mix. Flutter Kick (Streamline, Back, Side) But look for keeping the feet moving throughout the lap. Try to recall how it feels to do the flutter kick and focus on…

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Swimming Efficiency?

Swimming efficiency is probably something you may not have heard of or maybe you call it some other thing. It is essentially how effective the output translates into motion. In the case of the freestyle for example it is how your kicks and your arms help you move in the water; but it there is…

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Swim Stronger: Freestyle

This is probably the most common of all the strokes in swimming that literally anyone can learn through a series of simple drills both out and of course in the water. As this stroke is constantly in motion many inefficiencies are overcome with forced motion. Here are some drills to follow as you or your…

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